• What is Unspoken Beta?

    Let's break it down. 

    Unspoken: Referring to the inherent knowledge of an unspoken bond or an unspoken rule (also, it has poetic flair, and in the literal sense, it is not spoken because it is printed on our clothing).

    Beta: Climbing jargon that designates helpful information about a climbing route and/or how to move your body up it.

    Together, Unspoken Beta is the inherent knowledge climbers have in etiquette and technique, passed down through decades of exploration and experimentation, and endorsed by the greater climbing community.

  • A Mission & A Vision

    We are climbers seeking to strengthen our community, to better connect with each other, new climbers, and the world we’re a part of.

    Unspoken Beta provides a playful way to share knowledge and connect with others in the gym and at the crag simply by wearing a shirt. It fosters approachability among those newer to the sport and brings humor to those more experienced

    Our vision is to become a symbol of connection and community, while keeping our grassroot aesthetic values. Seeing someone wearing one of our shirts is an invitation to engage, with respect and curiosity. Seeing our cairn stone marks the path toward your next adventure sending routes and solving problems.

  • Dan Kessel - Founder & CEO

    Creavite Utilitarian ~ Following Curiosity ~ Seeking Collaboration ~ Finding Connection

  • Jesse Dietrick - Creative Director

    Artist ~ Pursuer of Self ~ Seeker of the Unseen ~ Warrior of Meaningful Connection & The Natural World